Meet our Kindergarten Teachers / Bienvenue à nos Professeurs Maternelle

Nous sommes ravi de vous introduire nos professeurs maternelle M Innocent Adiko et M Virginio Silue. Bienvenue dans l’équipe de L’Ecole Des Enfants, Bouaké! Aidez nous à dire bienvenue. We are thrilled to introduce you to our kindergarten teachers Mr Innocent Adiko and Mr Virginio Silue. Welcome to the team of L’Ecole Des a Enfants, Bouaké! Join us to welcome them. #Teachers

Meeting with Red Cross to discuss potential collaboration in the admissions process

We have been seeking a reliable, experienced and professional third party to handle part of the admissions process that handles the evaluation of the social and financial evaluation of the families applying for sponsorship to attend our school. Today we were invited to Red Cross for initial conversation to explore a collaboration on the subject. Mdm Nina Ouattara together with the private sector team were, to our great pleasure, demonstrating deep knowledge of the Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy and insight about our operations. We will continue the discussion on how we could engage with the local Red Cross team in Bouaké and see if we can materialize a process together. It was a very positive

Construction begins!!

After a long period of asking for quotations from different entrepreneurs to build our school, we are happy to announce that the chosen contractor is Global Services Plus. We are entering what we hope to be a long partnership to realize all our ambitions to make our campus truly special! Today the ground was cleared to start making bricks for our first classroom and the sand to make them arrived. #construction

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