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Tuija Voutilainen Lynch joins the management team as Waldorf Education Program Director

It’s with tremendous joy we welcome Tuija Voutilainen Lynch, based in Massachusetts, to our management team in the role as Waldorf Education Program Director. Tuija has worked 29 years within different functions in Waldorf schools in USA. Tuija was involved with starting the Waldorf school in Atlanta, staff development, educational leadership and admissions to mention some of the many roles she has had. We are honored to have Tuija be part of our team bringing such depth of experience of the Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy. Please join us in welcoming her onboard. 

A few words from Tuija herself about taking the new role for L’Ecole des Enfants: I grew up in Finland and as a young woman traveled frequently throughout Europe. Experiencing the various cultures helped me to develop a passion for travel and learning about foreign places. After receiving a BA in International Business and German Language from Helsingin Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto. I lived and worked for several years in Germany. Eventually I settled in the USA and have been here now for thirty years, though I continue to travel frequently. While living in Atlanta, Georgia, my children began to reach school age. My concern over the quality of the educational system they would be exposed to inspired me to help found an elementary level Waldorf School there—the Waldorf School of Atlanta. That school became quite successful and is still operating today. I knew then of the value of a Steiner-inspirededucation, and was convinced that my children as well as others would benefit immensely from a program that seeks to teach through the arts and otherwise encourage and develop the creative spirit in children. We have continued to follow that philosophy in parenting and family life. It is part of our liveseven now after my children have graduated and have started down their own inspiring paths. While at the Waldorf School of Atlanta, I worked alternately as a Business Manager, Office Manager and Admissions Director. One must wear many hats in a start-up operation. After seven years there we moved to Massachusetts and I joined The Waldorf School of Lexington, serving as its Admissions Director for nineteen years. I was also heavily involved in Adult Education, Staff Development, Educational Leadership, Classroom Management, and Program Development. The past three years I’ve been part of Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay’s Admissions team and overseeing its foreign exchange and international student programs. I feel privileged to witness more children receiving Waldorf education, and to be part of L’Ecole des Enfants school project and its growth in the Ivory Coast. It will be wonderful to watch L’Ecole des Enfants children grow and flourish.

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