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Unicef work meeting on admissions process

Today Aboubacar and Maria met with Unicef in Abidjan on the important subject of the admission process for our school. Since Unicef has a long experience of working with the adversities that children face in Côte d’Ivoire and world wide we turned to them for advice how to make the process fair and transparent to apply to enter our school. Our intention is to create the best possible environment for students and teachers to thrive and create the magic Rudolf Steiner intended in the learning environment. We want to do this while having a diverse group of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds and a certain level of support from the parents or guardians of the children. It was a very good exchange with Unicef representatives Mr Kampo and Mr Boina who both have a vast experience from Unicef’s different education programs. It is not a simple matter and we will continue to explore different possibilities.  

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