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Art Auction to support the school - Painting by Philip Gerstein

Closes Dec 11th

Donated by: Philip Gerstein Artist: Philip Gerstein Title: So Above As Below Year created: ca 2008 Medium: Chalk, pastel, watercolor on paper Height (inches): 19 Width (inches): 23 Depth (inches): 1.5 Signed by the artist Signed Area: back This piece is framed. Includes a certificate of authenticity. Description of piece: In the artist's own words: This painting is very personal to me – in it's rich, textured color choices and direct compositions, it is imbued with emotions and feelings. These colors can vibrate within us, these textures and compositions can move us physically, as our mind absorbs them deeply. Abstract painting is perfectly geared towards our emotional selves, without insisting on one specific story, a single interpretation. At its best & most persuasive, it is like music, which moves the soul without words. At the very same time, this characteristic of generalizing, of not being overly specific, can make an abstract painting a universal communicator. It can go down to the deeper level, upon which we all connect. That was the dream of early abstractionists, the bold pioneers of abstract painting as we know it, a century ago. Their hope was to tap down all the way to the spiritual root of art. As is usual for my paintings, each is in most ways individual – composed on a different color schema, existing in its own world, which reveals itself the longer one spends in its embracing company. Each has its own emotional resonance, and richly rewards prolonged acquaintance. 

Artist bio: Philip Gerstein was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. He began exhibiting his work in the 1980’s with the Boston Visual Artists Union, after pursuing a PhD in Art History at Harvard University. Subsequently, he studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Japanese calligraphy with Toshu Ogawa. He has been exhibiting frequently in New York City, in Provincetown on Cape Cod, and very extensively in the Boston area; his work is in many local and New York collections. Gerstein's work has been extensively reviewed both in NYC and Boston, and compared with that of Hans Hofmann in the local press. His recent solo show was hailed in the Art New England Blog/Portfolio (by Olivia J. Kiers) as "a masterful solo show", "rewarding... energetic, joyous and intellectually demanding...". Since 2015, Gerstein has had 5 solo gallery shows -- two in Chelsea, NYC, and three in Boston, MA.

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