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IASWECE awards L'Ecole Des Enfants 1500 EURO for 2019

The International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education has awarded L'Ecole Des Enfants, Inc. with 1500 EURO for 2019 teacher development in the Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy. This is the second year IASWECE gives their graceful support towards our school. This generosity and faith in the success of our projects is of tremendous value for the development of our teachers. Our two teachers are currently in Kenya for their second module, and exam of their first module, in their program to become certified Rudolf Steiner teachers. To obtain the final certification they need to successfully complete a total of ten modules in the coming three years. In addition to their certification program they also received invaluable hands on mentoring by Mrs Shannon Honigblum who came to our campus for a month in August and September this year. Mrs. Honigblum is also on regular mentor calls with our two teachers since the summer. These calls will continue in 2019 and are vital in laying a solid foundation for our campus to be in the true spirit of Rudolf Steiner. It is with deep gratitude to Mr Philipp Reubke and the IASWECE team I can publish this letter of support to our global network of people who are all participating in making our campus possible. Thank you!  


Maria Johansson 

Founder and CEO

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