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Happy New Year!

From the whole team of L’Ecole Des Enfants we wish you a 2019 filled with JOY! 2018 was full of milestones and to mention a few of the highlights:

We built our first classroom and opened our first class in September.

The fundraising gala in Boston was a tremendous addition of support to making it all possible.

Our teachers have been twice to Kenya for their development in Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy and they’ve been certified in one module. 

Shannon Honigblum, senior Waldorf educator, spent a month in Bouaké with our teachers for setting a solid foundation. She has also held regular mentor calls with the teachers since the summer. 

We were awarded IASWECEs support for 2018 and have been approved for 2019’s award.

We made a little clip to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success in 2018. We look to 2019 as a year for expansion and growth both on individual levels in our different roles, and physically to build a water well and a canteen on our campus as well as accept new students in the next academic year. It is through all of your kind generosity that it’s all made possible. On behalf of all the team - thank you!

Love and light, Maria Johansson President and Founder   

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