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Elizabeth Stevenson joins the Management Team

The dynamic management team of L’Ecole des Enfants is going through some transformation to support the growth of our operations. First I want to thank Betzabe Villarreal who has served as secretary for the past year. Betzabe is stepping into the new role to manage the recently acquired domain to support the transparency and marketing of our kindergarten in Bouaké. The site will be entirely in French targeting to communicate with the local community in Côte d’Ivoire and this is a key pillar to expand our local presence. It is with tremendous joy we welcome Elizabeth Stevenson as our new secretary and she took over this responsibility at our March management team meeting. Elizabeth is a colleague of mine from the Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon, within which Rudolf Steiner himself was a high initiate. Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth to the team! A brief introduction of Elizabeth in her on words follows below. Warmly, Maria Johansson President & Founder “Hi, my name is Elizabeth Stevenson, I grew up in Australia but now live in Northern Ireland. Finishing School, I entered the workforce getting a job in the Australian Stock Exchange, Sydney, Australia and worked there for 4 years when I then decided to go traveling and making my base London. It was here that I made the transition into Palliative care nursing and started to have an interest in some metaphysical teachings. On arrival home I worked in Private Palliative Care Hospitals and studied Complementary Therapies. In 2003 I moved to Northern Ireland where I met my Husband and started my own business and was blessed with two boys now eight and ten. 2013 I started studying with the Modern Mystery School in Metaphysics and My Career is now Complementary Therapies with in the Mental Health System. Waldorf School system is something I wished for my children but hence where I live it was impossible, so it is with immense gratitude that I accept this role as Secretary, hoping to learn about the impact this school will have on all the children that grace the doors. Thank you.”

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