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Teachers off to Kenya for the next Waldorf / Steiner module

Virginio Silue and Innocent Adiko, our two kindergarten teachers, are preparing to head East to the beautiful and magical land of Kenya and more precisely go the Waldorf / Steiner school in Mbagathi, Nairobi. They have successfully completed all the requirements for module 7 “Personal development of the teacher” and will take the exams for module 8 “Storytelling” and receive new material for module 9 “Philosophy of education 1”. The teachers’ development in the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner is at the core of the web we are weaving of Good & Beauty to provide an alternative to the otherwise grim reality for most children in Côte d’Ivoire. Mahle Foundation and IASWECE have been generous donors towards this specific purpose and it is with the deepest gratitude towards these organizations and all other support that makes our school possible! Thank you! Now let’s follow Silue and Adiko as they post on Facebook for their journey from the campus in Mbagathi, where the lions roar at night. KINDERGARTEN OUTLINE OF WALDORF TEACHER TRAINING MODULES Module 1: Threefoldness of Human Being; Application of Threefold Principle in Teaching; Introduction to Early Childhood Education practice; Planning the Kindergarten Environment; Handcrafts; Artistic Development. Module 2: Child Development from Birth to 21 years; Approaches to Teaching based on Child Development; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 3: The Senses as Gateways to Learning; Practical Application of Developing the Senses in the Daily programme; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 4: Human Constitution; The Value and Practice of Children’s Play in Early Childhood education; Play as Remediation and Healing; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 5: Goetheanistic Observation; Observation of Children; Nature Studies; Morning Ring 1: Themes, Content, Seasons and Rhythms; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 6: Human Development; Morning Ring 2: Movement, Gesture, Ring Games; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 7: Personal Development of the Teacher; The Meaning of Traditional Tales; Making and Using Marionettes; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 8: Storytelling, Puppetry, Dramatisation; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 9: Philosophy of Education 1; Learning Readiness, Pre-Literacy and Pre- Mathematical Skills; Handcraft; Artistic Development Module 10: Philosophy of Education 2; Pre-Literacy and Pre-Mathematical Skills, Learning Readiness Assessment; Handcraft; Artistic Development Artistic Development includes: Eurythmy (movement to speech and music); Singing; Painting; Drawing; Modelling in Clay; Speech and Drama; Poetry 

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