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Alison Marlow joins as Fundraising Officer

It is with a tremendous joy I can announce our newest team member, Alison Marlow, to join the global board of L’Ecole Des Enfants in the Fundraising Officer role. I have known Alison since 2012 when we embarked on our executive MBA in the same cohort at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. Alison has a heart of gold, an adventurous soul and a brilliant mind. We have literally jumped of the Rocky Mountains together, as we went paragliding in Aspen where she grew up. We have been on a breathtaking horseback safari in Botswana cantering among wild elephants and giraffes and we have trailed down some of the most beautiful scenery on bamboo rafts in China to mention a few of our many journeys together. Before I departed Boston Alison joined the team of Schneider Electric in the same department I was working and she is now a rising star within the global specialist in energy management. A brief introduction in Alison’s own words follows below. Join me in welcoming her to our mission!


Maria Johansson

Founder & President

”I currently live in Gloucester MA in the United States, I received my BS in Business from Boston University and my MBA from Northeastern University. I have held a range of jobs in a variety of industries, which include Commodities Trading, Private Investigation, Massage Therapy, Information Security, Film Production and Distribution, Software, Real-estate, Corporate Child Care Solutions, and Urgent Care. I currently work in program management for global strategy execution within a global energy management company.

My early education was quite non- traditional, and I attended and environmental preschool with similar philosophies to Waldorf. I was also home schooled at times while living in the rain forests with the Mayan Indians, and had the opportunity to study in Australia for a year of high school. I really believe in the Waldorf principles and look forward to contributing to the success of the school.

One interesting fact about me is that I crossed China and helped to lead an expedition into a remote region on the China/Tibet border where we were the first western people ever to enter the region. After my travels in China, I spent several weeks exploring Tibet and getting to know the local people.   I have a love of meeting new people and getting to know new cultures and look forward to learning more about the Ivory Coast through my work here.”

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