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Expansion into primary school

Soon it will be five years since the launch our organization. We have grown, matured and risen above all challenges that have come our way. Our success can be largely attributed to the will power to do good from a number of people around the world and for all your support I am so deeply moved and grateful. At the heart of it all are our heroes, the pedagogues, that are truly devoted to our mission to embody the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and making our campus flourish with Truth, Good and Beauty. They live and practice the essence to “Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.” as Steiner himself described the mission of educating the hands, heart and head of the children.

Over these past years many doors have been opened by nothing short of miracles and angelic forces. We are now yet again able to make a quantum leap of faith as we are about to open our first primary class this fall. To support this expansion we have sought two candidates to join our local team of teachers. After many rounds of interviews we are very pleased to announce that we have identified two apprentice teachers who will embark on their first teacher training module on Monday. Please join me to welcome Ms Ahou Antoinette Kangaroo and Mr Asaph Sophonie Koffi Koffi.

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