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Last day celebration

June 18th marked a joyful milestone as we celebrated the last day of school in Bouaké. It also marked the completion of our third year open as a kindergarten. There are so many to thank for making it all possible and I extend my deepest gratitude to all donors for your generosity towards our mission to touch more and more lives with the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. We have some really exiting projects over the summer and we can hopefully unveil more details in the coming months. We have also received the phenomenal news from the Teacher Training center in East Africa that the certification process of our pedagogues will recommence in July in a hybrid format of one week of full days online. This is obviously different than being able to immerse in person for two weeks however the joy of being able to progress our pedagogues on their paths is tremendous.

I wish EVERYONE a JOYFUL summer break!


Maria Johansson

Founder & President

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