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Waldorf teacher training continues

From April 11th to 22nd Waldorf teachers from East, West and South Africa came together for training at the Mbagathi campus in Kenya. Our teacher Innocent Adiko attended his fifth module on his journey to become a certified Waldorf kindergarten teacher and this marks the halfway point of total ten successfully completed modules. I want to extend deepest gratitude towards all who support our school with kind donations. In particular I want to thank Clara Aerts at IASWECE and Reiny Jobse at International help fund for Waldorf pedagogy that helped materialize this training for Innocent.

Below are Innocent’s own words about the experience.

“The first photos is a group discussion about child development 0 to 7. How children are active in body movement, in feeling or instinct, in thinking. And we have also discussed, how the soul element is prominent in child development. The other photo is to show how ring games allow teachers to support the child development. Because 0 to 7 is the foundation of life.

The module I attended was about ''Child Development from birth to 21 years old'' the classes were well explained and so interesting. During the previous modules, our trainers had already addressed this topic but this module was particularly interesting for me as a kindergarten teacher as we focused a lot in the study of children aged from 0-7 years old. It was with such great joy that I discovered many other new things related to it as this time. The days of training were full of activities like morning ring presentations, crafts and fingers knitting. This teacher training in Kenya is so important for me because I learn a lot from my teachers and colleagues. I am very happy to return to the Ivory Coast and practice what I have learned with the children at our school. They will be so happy to see that their teacher came back with new things that will help them enjoy their daily learning experience with me. I am very much looking forward to returning to Mbagathi for my sixth module in July.“-

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