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Julie Lattouf joins the team as Project Fundraising Manager

Please join me in welcoming Julie Lattouf to the management team of L’Ecole Des Enfants. It’s with great pleasure I can share that Julie will spearhead the fundraising efforts towards specific projects. The next important milestone for us is to have the water well on campus and with Julie’s focused effort I am hopeful we will have access to fresh water at our school in Bouaké before the next academic year starts. It’s with a lot of joy we expand our team to include Julie in this new role. Below is a short introduction of Julie. 


Maria Johansson

CEO and Founder  

Julie is a first generation American with both of her parents coming from Lebanon. She grew up bilingual speaking English and Arabic and travelled frequently to visit her relatives in Lebanon. Julie has always been fascinated with international cultures and enjoys meeting people from all over the world. She enjoys travelling to new countries and being immersed in all cultures. Julie has worked in various roles in a variety of industries such as automotive, education, healthcare, retail, and software. Working with startups, small to large sized businesses allowed Julie to have a diverse understanding of different business models. After Julie received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a focus in Marketing, she started working in International Services. Julie then went to obtain a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her MBA focused in International Management and Entrepreneurship. During her MBA program, she studied abroad in India and in China, where she discovered her true passion for Global business. Julie’s mission in life is to create a positive impact on others. She is the owner of Joules Consulting, a consulting business focused on transforming individuals and businesses internationally. Julie joins L’Ecole Des Enfants as the Project Fundraising Manager and she is based in Boston, MA, USA. She is very excited to join the team on this journey and she hopes to make a powerful and life changing impact on all the kids. 

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