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Back to school

Yesterday was the first day that our school in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, opened in the new location. Such a big celebration this milestone. Thank you to all of you who are and have supported us over these past five years. We have learned a lot and expanded with those experiences. This new location is safer, more readily accessible for families in the city of Bouaké with good roads and it is already supported and welcomed by the local community. With all my heart I am grateful to our teachers Innocent Adiko and Virginio Silue who have been the steadfast beacons of light through it all. They both hold tremendous love for nurturing a healthy childhood for the families choosing our school. I am also deeply grateful for the board members around the world who have been part of the project of these years and to the current board that hold the banner high of light in this world, who stand for holding space for children to become who they came here to be.

And THANK YOU to all of you who donate towards making it all possible! It takes energy, tenacity and funds to turn dreams into reality. 🥰❤️🙏🌹

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