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Organization update

L’Ecole Des Enfants President and Founder shares an important message on an organizational update. The board has come to the decision that it is time to empower the local organization in Côte d’Ivoire to take the driver seat of the continued growth of Waldorf West Africa. The nonprofit will close at the end of this semester and all the support will flow directly from donors to the Ivorian campus. The principal Mr Innocent Adiko will shoulder the responsibility to coordinate directly with donors the bank details and address to ship teaching material directly to.

I want to personally thank every soul who has been generously contributing over the years for laying the foundation of Waldorf West Africa and for providing an alternative for children in Bouaké to go to school with a different approach.

Mr Innocent Adiko can be reached :

Video from the President of the announcement is shared here

Join me in wishing the future of Waldorf West Africa to grow beyond our wildest imagination.


Maria Johansson

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