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Strategy update

L’Ecole Des Enfants, Inc. board met yesterday and we discussed the overall status of the operations and went in detail on how we are performing on the strategy put forth in August. I wanted to share this update with all of you as you are the ones making it all possible! As an organization we have three main pillars


I invite you to see the attached images to see more details on each of these focus areas. In a nutshell for the third year in a row we have eleven children in our kindergarten. They are all on full scholarships coming from families living below the poverty line. Our desire is to have a mix of scholarships and tuition to balance the finances. Despite the brave efforts of our teachers of different outreach we are still a young establishment where most parents of Côte d’Ivoire favor the route to send their children to a familiar public school or not at all. The foundation of developing our pedagogues in Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy continues albeit the travel bans. Every other week or so they have a mentor call with Waldorf Teacher Trainer Shannon Honigblum and they have weekly assignments from their teachers in Kenya to pursue their certification. We aspire to grow our campus into the grades and build more facilities however at this point all funds are supporting our operations of the current class. All donations help to continue our kindergarten with a campus focusing receiving the children in reverence and sending them forth in freedom. To donate either click the donate button on our homepage, through Facebook, PayPal or check. For any questions on how to get involved please email me

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